A Vital Water Supply Appeal

As I am sure you can imagine, with so many rescued animals at Hillside who consume thousands of litres of water every day, keeping them supplied with a constant fresh clean flow of drinking water is one of our most important challenges.

In the summer, many of the animals take advantage of drinking from the streams which flow through their grazing meadows (above). However, in the winter, their automatic tanks have to be kept full of water sourced from either the mains or a borehole which, once installed, is a much cheaper supply than from the mains.

At our new farm, which we moved into in 2017, we have been fortunate to have a supply of water from a neighbouring borehole which they were happy to donate to help the horses and cows who live there. However, because it was installed many years ago, the borehole is not always reliable and there have been times when our water supply has come to a halt while repair works were undertaken. On a couple of cold wintry nights our staff have been up all night ferrying water from other neighbours boreholes to keep the hundreds of animals overwintering there, supplied.

However, the water arrangements with our old neighbour are about to change as the business group who were ‘donating’ the water have now sold to new owners who are not so keen on the previous agreement which we have been so grateful for. This means that, as there is no mains supply in the area, we have now got to install a new borehole of our own on the farm at a cost of around £14,500.

If this is something you feel you would like to help with, please click this link.

Thank you for caring,

P.S. Should kind donations exceed funds for one borehole, any extra will go towards a second borehole at another farm as this these provide a much cheaper source of water.
With so many rescued animals depending on us, we must continuously fundraise to provide for them. We do understand that our supporters cannot always respond to every appeal and we are very grateful for when they are able to.

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