Highland Cow Rescue Appeal
Winter 2009

        Last year we told you about a family of Highland Cattle that came into our care when their very elderly owner
began to struggle to look after them, and we have proudly featured these on this year’s Christmas cards shown below.

       There are, however, 19 more of these gentle creatures remaining in the care of the elderly gentleman who now,
through failing health, is no longer able to feed or care for them and has requested our help. Because of this we have
been visiting them, leaving food and tending to their needs, throughout the year.

        The family herd includes six pregnant cows with calves at foot and gentle bulls. We are concerned, should anything
happen to their current owner, that unless we are able to give them sanctuary, their lives will be cut short.

         We have found enough room to accommodate the cows at our Sanctuary in West Runton, where the woodland
area will provide a natural environment and shelter for them. However, the process of moving the herd, and the
ongoing cost of feeding and providing veterinary care, will be an extra demand on our resources.
Below, you can click to see a short film of the cattle, taken on one of our visits to feed them.   Some are pictured above.

          In addition to our concerns for the well-being of the Highlands, we must make provision for the welfare of all our
rescued animals during the winter months. If you would like to help, any contribution you are able to make, no matter how
small, will help benefit the cows, and all our other animals through the winter.

Hillside Christmas Cards
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