During February our farm animal investigator has, once again, found unimaginable animal suffering on RSPCA 'monitored Freedom Food farms. We contacted Channel Five who took up the investigation and on 18th and 19th February 2009 broadcast our findings on their News programmes.

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On the night the first programme was being  broadcast our investigator visited another Freedom Food farm - this time a Gressingham Foods' duck rearing unit at Little Ellingham in Norfolk only to find more birds in distress.
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This latest case has been reported to the RSPCA who have visited the site

and have told us that they will be taking legal action.



This is just one turkey that was left to suffer on an RSPCA monitored farm. In case you can't recognise it - this is the turkey's head. And as he often has to in cases like this, to prevent further suffering, our investigator put the bird humanely to sleep.

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