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Boris the Bull DVD

The Story of Boris the Bull narrated by our patron Martin Shaw is now available free of charge - click below to order . . .free dvd or videos

Hill Top Farm,
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Norwich, NR12 7LT UK
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Hillside's investigation team regularly exposes the appalling standards of animal welfare endemic in Britain's farming industry. We work regularly with national press, radio and television and have created a great deal of awareness amongst the general public.

March 16th 2006 - Ill-treatment case at Cromer Court Following a Hillside investigation, which brought to light appalling conditions that animals were living in on a farm near North Walsham, Norfolk farmers, Maurice Quantrill and June Furness, appeared before Cromer Magistrates facing charges of ill-treating animals. Having changed their original plea of ‘not guilty’ to that of ‘guilty’, Mr Quantrill and Mrs Furness received community service and were ordered to pay compensation.

At the time of an RSPCA inspection, they would not accept that the animals were suffering, although Mrs Furness admitted they were thin.  When the vet examined the animals, he reported that most had been subject to a prolonged period of malnutrition having utilised all reserves of their body fat and subsequently drawn on their muscle tissue to sustain life. 

Both have now been banned from keeping animals for ten years, with the exception of pigs.

Our supporters will already know about a bull, who we named Boris, who we found stuck in three foot of excrement on this farm along with dozens of other animals who needed help. Sadly, due to his traumatic ordeal Boris didn't survive.

Click here to watch 'The Story of Boris the Bull' narrated by Hillside's patron, Martin Shaw.

Cruelty to pigs . . .Thin pig

We took this picture on a Norfolk farm where pigs were kept in the most harrowing state. Living in up to TWO FOOT OF EXCREMENT, some of the animals were emaciated and displaying desperate cannibalistic behaviour.  We saw pregnant sows and witnessed one giving birth only for the piglets to be immediately devoured by the rest. For full story and outcome view footage here in 'A Pig Farm Uncovered'

We uncover yet another illegal slaughterhouse - our THIRD one to date!!!

Hillside investigators have exposed their THIRD illegal slaughterhouse. It is the biggest illicit operation we have uncovered so far and three men have been sent to prison. Read More

24th August 2004
A disastrous day for ducks . . .

Despite the flock having septicaemia, it was admitted in court that the ducks had never been attended to by a vet and the farm's own records show that on alternate weekends the birds were not checked at all. YET Kerry Foods were found NOT GUILTY of causing unnecessary suffering, pain and distress to ducks! Read More

Sheep suffering in silence

For four years we have monitored sheep on a field and have twice reported incidents to Trading Standards and at least four times to the RSPCA and yet again this year we have recorded the following cases of neglect...Read more

The Christmas Turkey

Despite finding some of the worse conditions we have ever witnessed with turkeys left suffering and often blind due to severe headpecking, following their inspection Tradings Standards concluded that 'there was not one single welfare issue'. Read more

An ex-poultry manager speaks out Read more

Chicken Supreme!!
We show that hock burns are rife in Britain's supermarket . . . Read more

Feeding the Nation . . . Read more

Foul Deal: Tesco Chickens - behind the scenes Read more

Foul Deal: Christmas Dinner - behind the scenes . . . Read more


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