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An Eye-opening Look at the UK Pig Breeding Industry...

  Dedicated Hillside investigators have secretly filmed conditions for UK pigs.  The shocking footage reveals the hidden cruelty behind every factory-farmed pork chop, every factory-farmed bacon sarnie or sausage.  The female pigs you'll be seeing are victims of artificial insemination, a vital part of the pig industry's relentless quest for maximum piglet production. 

'Harrowing Farrowing' is not about one farm: it is about the cruelty of Farrowing Crates and the terrible conditions endured by Factory Farmed pigs across the UK.

Please click here or on the picture above to watch our footage.  You will see the fear and confusion felt by the sows. You will notice the uncaring, cruel (and therefore illegal) treatment routinely meted out to them. You will see the squalor endured by the mothers and by their young, destined to be weaned prematurely, and therefore unlikely to survive without a liberal input of antibiotics.

Pigs are sensitive and intelligent, just like our beloved dogs and cats. Factory farmed animals are hidden away, their never-ending suffering a dirty secret.

We hope this footage will alert people to the terrible cruelty of farrowing crates and inspire them to write to their MPs, demanding they be banned.  To find out who your MP is, please click here.

Hillside has contacted APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) to alert them to the conditions we have found.

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