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Hillside is solely financed from funds donated by the public.  The Sanctuary's supporters help contribute to the feeding and caring of its rescued animals in a number of ways. An important source of funds is from our adoption scheme and the sale of gifts, either directly from our Open Day shop, through our newsletters or via our website.  There are many ways in which you can support us and our important work here at Hillside.

Adopt a rescued animal - each adopted animal represents all the other animals of their kind here at the Sanctuary so, by adopting Scarlett and Sidney, you are helping them and all the other rescued cows who live here.

Donations - for the care and feeding of our rescued animals, our important investigation work or a specific appeal.

Standing Order - please consider supporting Hillside by Standing Order. Just £3 a month will help provide us with regular funding to ensure continuous care for the animals in our Sanctuary, as well as helping us to campaign for animals in need.

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Gifts and Cards - sending our greetings cards not only supports us financially but is also a good way of spreading the word about our important work at Hillside.

Distribute our Leaflets - please help us create awareness and support by giving out our leaflets.

A Legacy for Life - if you would like to secure Hillside's future, helping and campaigning for animals in need, please consider a legacy to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, so that your ideals may continue to live on through our work.

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